Teaching your TCKs to Process Grief Before They are Grieving

December 28, 2016 blog 2

The topic of TCKs and grief is one that I see circulating often. We know that TCKs deal with a significant amount of loss. They lose friends, family, places, things, culture, language, familiarity, all at once with a single airplane ride. The majority of TCKs will do this more than once, and most an average… Read more

Life in Africa Ruined My Christmas…or Did It?

December 22, 2016 blog 0

It’s Christmas time, and I think more this year than ever, the topic of favorite Christmas traditions and favorite Christmas gifts keeps coming up. I attend a mom’s group and last week both of these questions were our instructed topic of conversation for the entire two hour session. I’m never sure how to answer either… Read more

Supporting the Adapting Child: TCKs and Adapting Series (Part 3)

December 15, 2016 blog 0

If you have read Parts 1 & 2 of this series, you are aware that most TCKs are more comfortable in the adapting and settling process than in the settled life. Settling is even more difficult for the TCK who has little support during their time overseas from those he/she left behind.  So, how can… Read more

Parenting the Adapting Child: TCKs and Adapting Series (Part 2)

December 13, 2016 blog 0

TCKs are more comfortable in the adapting process, than in the adapted and settled life. So, why does this matter to you as a parent of young TCKs? The adaptable and flexible nature of your child can be a great quality. It is a skill that they have learned or will learn out of necessity… Read more

The Comfort Zone is in the “ing”: TCKs and Adapting Series (Part 1)

December 12, 2016 blog 0

The term TCK refers to anyone who has spend a significant part of their developmental years in a country other than their country of origin (Van Rekken & Pullock, 1994).  There are many common characteristics among those who share the TCK lifestyle. One benefit that I have heard most commonly pointed out is the TCK’s… Read more

Long-Distance Grandparenting

December 8, 2016 blog 2

One hot topic among parents with whom I work, is the struggle of leaving their children’s grandparents behind. Moving overseas requires significant sacrifice and as missionaries, those sacrifices are made knowing that you have been called by God to life in cross-cultural ministry. However, the people who you leave behind are required to sacrifice by… Read more