Using Art and Play to Help Your TCKs Express Themselves

June 28, 2017 blog 0

  The TCK life can be an absolutely wonderful and positive experience and most TCKs would not trade their TCK upbringing; however, it is also not an easy life. I write often about the issues that many TCKs deal with such as grief, identity confusion, anxiety, and rootlessness. In my time working with young TCKs, I’ve noticed that… Read more

Helping Your TCKs Learn to Fail

June 22, 2017 blog 0

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  – Winston Churchill TCKs have a reputation of excelling socially and academically, often setting the standard very high for the TCK population. This is a benefit of growing up as a TCK and often results in college scholarships, mastery of an… Read more

The “Get Out My Angry Cards”- A Parenting Tool

June 15, 2017 blog 0

  Anger is almost always an overflow of different underlying emotions, and this is particularly true for children as they do not yet know how to compartmentalize emotions and deal with them accordingly. Instead, the child experiencing grief, helplessness, insecurity, hurt, or a host of other negative emotions, will subconsciously allow that emotion to bubble up and pour… Read more

The Importance of Family Traditions

June 8, 2017 blog 0

  Family traditions and rituals are often a special part of a child’s upbringing, but they serve more purposes than simply being a nice addition to a family’s routine, especially for TCKs. Why are family traditions specifically beneficial for TCKs? 1. They foster identity. In the midst of the TCK’s identity confusion caused by having a passport… Read more

My Deepest TCK Fear

June 1, 2017 blog 6

  I first heard the term Third Culture Kid or “TCK” in high school, and simultaneously found out that I was one. While many reject being labeled, I personally found much solace in finally feeling like something explained the rootlessness and lack of belonging that I felt. I have always worn the TCK label proudly… Read more