Which Culture-Learning Attitude are you Teaching Your Kids?

July 27, 2017 blog 0

  Most people who move overseas do so with some sort of goal in mind – missions work, starting a business, teaching at a school, etc. While this is inherently good, and is often the reason for moving overseas at all, these goals can make it easy to enter into the new culture, “guns blazing”, ready… Read more

It’s Not “Just Stuff”

July 25, 2017 blog 0

  The packing process begins as you plan to uproot and move to a new country. This is often the first time that the idea of leaving  “home” and moving to a new country becomes a tangible reality for children. As parents, you have been planning for months and have likely had many “reality checks,” but your… Read more

5 Surprising Factors to Consider When Weighing Overseas Schooling Options

July 15, 2017 blog 1

  The question of schooling and education is often at the forefront of parent’s minds as they prepare to live overseas. It can be challenging to drown out the multitude of strong opinions, and from what I have observed, there are many, many strong opinions. If you are moving overseas and contemplating your schooling options, here are… Read more