The Challenge of Subconscious Expectations (Part 1: How is Life “Supposed to Go”?)

October 30, 2017 blog 0

  Most TCKs grow up and abruptly lose their lifestyle. This is one of the most significant “hidden losses” that TCKs eventually encounter. Third Culture Kids have spent their lives hopping on international flights, traveling to exotic destinations, and integrating with different cultures and people around the world. For most, the globally mobile lifestyle is no longer… Read more

I am the Ugly Duckling (Part 2: Avoiding Terminal Uniqueness)

October 18, 2017 blog 0

  Read part 1 here  Third Culture Kids often come to a place in life when they return to their passport country only to find that they don’t belong. They can’t seem to fit in with those who have only lived in the passport country and thus begin to feel like an “other.” It feels… Read more

I Am the Ugly Duckling (Part 1)

October 10, 2017 blog 2

  I am the ugly duckling. Or, at least I thought I was. For years, I thought that there was something fundamentally wrong with me because I just didn’t fit in with the other ducks.   There was some solace in the discovery that I was a Third Culture Kid–knowing that I actually wasn’t a duck, but… Read more

The One Thing Every TCK Needs to Hear

October 4, 2017 blog 0

  I write frequently about practical things that parents can do to raise up healthy TCKs. While I believe that all of those are important, there is one thing that all TCKs need to hear clearly and constantly. One thing that has to be present in order for anything else to be effective. “You are… Read more