5 Ways You Can Help Your Children Foster Long-Distance Friendships

September 11, 2017 blog 0

  It is a common misconception that when you move overseas as a family, your children will forever loose the close friends that they had back home. While it is not easy for children and teens to maintain long-distance friendships, it is possible and completely worth the effort. Here are 5 ways that you, as… Read more

TCKs CAN have forever friends

September 6, 2017 blog 1

“It’s sad that my daughter won’t be able to continue her friendship with her best friend since we’re moving to Europe.” “7 year olds just can’t maintain a long-distance friendship, so it almost doesn’t seem worth the effort to try.” “I’m struggling with the fact that my kids will never have forever friends because of our choice… Read more

It’s Not “Just Stuff”

July 25, 2017 blog 0

  The packing process begins as you plan to uproot and move to a new country. This is often the first time that the idea of leaving  “home” and moving to a new country becomes a tangible reality for children. As parents, you have been planning for months and have likely had many “reality checks,” but your… Read more

Practical Tips for Helping Your Child Process the Grief of Moving Overseas (Part 2): The Post-Grieving Child

April 12, 2017 blog 0

“Some people grieve in advance of a loss-they see it coming and feel sad. They look around and realise, “I will never do this again.” Others grieve after the change occurs. It is at this point the post-griever realises, “I will never do this again”. –Tanya Crossman, Misunderstood (2016) The post-grieving child will experience the… Read more