5 Things for TCKs to Consider When Choosing a University

June 29, 2018 blog 3

  Last week, my husband, myself, and our two kids traveled to the Midwest to visit family and attend the wedding of a good college-friend of ours. The wedding took place near where my husband and I both went to university and this was my first time back to that place since our college days… Read more

Audiobooks-Surprising Benefits of This New Trend for Children’s Language Acquisition

September 26, 2017 blog 2

  Online children’s audiobooks are rapidly increasing in popularity and this is of great benefit for families living overseas. Audio content is often easily accessible, doesn’t require a considerable amount of internet data to stream or download, and doesn’t use up any of the precious pounds allotted for your luggage. If you are living (or… Read more

5 Surprising Factors to Consider When Weighing Overseas Schooling Options

July 15, 2017 blog 1

  The question of schooling and education is often at the forefront of parent’s minds as they prepare to live overseas. It can be challenging to drown out the multitude of strong opinions, and from what I have observed, there are many, many¬†strong¬†opinions. If you are moving overseas and contemplating your schooling options, here are… Read more