When Your TCK Isn’t Patriotic

May 3, 2017 blog 2

  A family is back in the United States on furlough for a year. The 6 year old girl and her parents attend her school’s beginning of the school year assembly. The assembly starts and everyone stands up to say the Pledge of Allegiance. The girl looks up at her parents and asks, “Mommy,¬†what are… Read more

Let’s Think Outside the American Box – A TCK’s Approach to Politics

February 6, 2017 blog 0

I have been deliberating on this post for quite some time, not wanting to add another article to the political clutter invading the media world these days. I almost left the word “politics” out of the title, so no one rolls their eyes thinking, “really, you too?” But, I hope that no matter where you… Read more