About TCK Training

If you are moving overseas with kids, you are not alone. As our world becomes increasingly more connected, it is becoming more common for families with young children to move overseas for work or ministry. Because of this, the population of Third Culture Kids (TCKs) is increasing exponentially and we are learning more about the impact that being raised in a different culture has on children as they become adults. TCKs have the incredible opportunity to be amazing contributing members of society because of their cross-cultural upbringing, but they are also prone to many challenges because of their unique childhood.

We provide services to come alongside you with support and encouragement as you raise your Third Culture Kids to be healthy, whole, uniquely beautiful individuals!

TCKtraining.com provides... 

  • CultureBound training (at our location or yours!) for families who are preparing for an overseas move.

  • Online resources for parents who are raising TCKs

  • Training material for organizations who want to begin or enhance their TCK program

  • Education for parents and organizations about the unique challenges TCKs may face and how to be proactive about addressing those challenges early on


About CultureBound

CultureBound training is designed to prepare you for life and work in an unfamiliar culture. We provide this in a variety of ways including trainings, workshops, speaking events, and even college classes. CultureBound training teaches you how to learn a language and culture, become a part of a community, and view your new neighbors in a different and positive way. We teach you how to learn from the most expert people on earth — the people who already live there. We train onsite in Portland, OR or a your location.

Visit culturebound.org for more information, dates, and pricing.


About Lauren Wells

Karibu! Welcome! My name is Lauren and I am an Adult Third Culture Kid (ATCK). Growing up in Tanzania, East Africa instilled in me a love for culture and for families who are learning to navigate life in a new culture. As the TCK Program Director for CultureBound, I have had the privilege of working with parents and their kids as they prepare for their overseas move. I get excited talking about practical, preventative care for Third Culture Kids, so much of my writing, speaking events, and workshops have this focus. If you are a TCK, parenting TCKs, or working with TCKs, I would love to connect with you!