As our world becomes increasingly smaller, it is becoming more common for families with young children to move overseas for work or ministry. Because of this, the population of Third Culture Kids is increasing exponentially and we are learning more about the impact that being raised in a different culture has on children as they become adults. Third Culture Kids have the incredible opportunity to be amazing contributing members of society because of their cross-cultural upbringing, but they are also prone to many challenges because of their unique childhood.

The mission of is to prevent many of the issues that research has shown TCKs commonly face in adulthood, by helping families and organizations effectively address those challenges early on. provides... 

  • Onsite CultureBound training for children who will be moving overseas with their family (transition, language acquisition, and culture learning)

  • Online resources for parents who are raising TCKs

  • Training material for organizations who want to begin or enhance their TCK program

  • Education for parents and organizations about the unique challenges TCKs may face and how to be proactive about addressing those challenges early on


About CultureBound

CultureBound (formally WorldView) seeks to enable intercultural workers to communicate in life and word the message of Jesus in ways that are understandable to the people they serve. Using experiential, integrative, skill-focused forums, CultureBound's courses in culture-learning and second-language acquisition teach participants how to learn a new language and culture. CultureBounds's children and teen programs parallel the adult trainings in an age appropriate way. We train onsite in Portland, OR or a your location.

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About Our TCK Program Director

Lauren Wells is a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and Missionary Kid (MK) who spent her late childhood and teenage years living in Tanzania, East Africa. Her experience as a TCK fuels her passion for working with globally mobile families. Lauren is the TCK Program Director for CultureBound in Portland, Oregon. In her role at CultureBound, Lauren developed and now runs programs for children and teens that parallel CultureBound's adult trainings. The TCK training program equips the children and teens with the skills they need to learn new languages and embrace new cultures when they move overseas with their family. (blog post author)