Biblical Supplement for Debriefs

"What about the faith aspect?" and "How do we help families invite God into the debriefing process?"  If you are asking these important questions, this biblically based curriculum helps to answer them.  Covering topics such as God and Jesus as a Safe Space, Jesus' Emotions, Our Identity in Christ, and Jesus' Grief Tower, these faith-based activities enhance our research-based curriculum, allowing more intentional space and time for families to experience God at work in the debrief cycle.  

This Biblical Supplement is for organizations or other sending entities only and can only be used by individuals within the organization who are Debrief Certified.

Purchase of this supplement provides the organization with access for a number of their TCK Training Certified Debriefers to use this material for TCK Training family debriefs within their organization.

There is no limit to how many families can be debriefed with this resource.

License is for # of debriefers using the curriculum.




Debrief Certified Only


Varies depending on # of debriefers


Starting at $100

This resource features:
  • 12 Biblical Lessons
  • Over 70 verse references
  • 9 new worksheets/activities
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If you are a family looking to purchase the Biblical Supplement for your individual family to use in conjunction with, or after you have completed, a TCK Training Debrief.