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Emotional Processing Activity Guide


Unstacking Your Grief Tower for Adult TCKs

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Emotional Processing Activity Guide

Processing is important for being able to build self-awareness, unstack our grief, and move towards thriving. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know what type of processing is the most effective for ourselves.
This activity guide provides 21 different processing activities for you to experiment with to determine what processing strategies work best for you! 
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  • Written 
  • Verbal
  • Nature 
  • Exercise
  • Music
  • Art 

Unstacking Your Grief Tower for ATCKs

Self-Guided Course

This course is the perfect way for Adult TCKs to walk through their Grief Tower Timeline and begin processing. 

Five units with a total of 15 short videos are included in the course, along with reflective activities and handouts:

  1. Setting Yourself Up for Success
  2. The Grief Tower 
  3. Processing & Coping
  4. Internal Narratives & Combatting Narratives
  5. Moving Forward

ATCKs at all stages of adulthood will work through many ways that their TCK childhood -- and events in their adulthood -- have stacked up to impact their present. Through processing your Grief Tower, the future can look brighter. 

Individual purchase is $50. 



Jessi Bullis
Lauren Wells
Elizabeth Smith


15 videos (~1.5 hrs)