Launch Pad

TCK Training's virtual 10-month personal development and community program for repatriating Adult TCKs.

Repatriation is often a difficult season for Adult TCKs as they navigate grieving the loss of their community and known culture, all while learning a new culture, place, and stage of life! Launch Pad comes alongside each ATCK with community support that can ease this process and help them to thrive during their repatriation.

For Whom?
Incoming college freshman, sophomores, and gap year TCKs repatriating to the U.S. or Canada.

August, 2023 -
June, 2024
What is it?
A virtual 10-month personal development & community program for repatriating Adult TCKs.

Billed Monthly
$85 per month

All 10 months billed at once: 10% off
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