Books for Parents

Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds 3rd Edition By David Pollock, Michael Pollock, & Ruth Van Reken

This has been accurately nicknamed the "TCK handbook" and it is just that! It is a great tool for learning about Third Culture Kids (TCKs), the unique challenges that they face, and how parents and those working with TCKs can be intentional about meeting their unique needs. It gives insight to struggles that TCKs may have as children, teenagers, young adults, and adults. It is a great resource to hold onto and re-read during the different stages of your TCK’s life.

Emotional Resilience And The Expat Child By Julia Simens

This book provides excellent tools for parents as they help their children navigate the complex emotions that come from moving to a new culture. The practical tips and activities in this book make it well worth the read.

Misunderstood: The Impact Of Growing Up Overseas In The 21st Century By Tanya Crossman

This research-based book is a phenomenal resource for those who want to understand more about the affect growing up overseas has on children. This book focuses on 21st century TCKs and the unique challenges that come from being raised as a TCK in this generation.

Between Worlds By Marilyn Gardener

This is a collection of essays written by an American woman who was a missionary kid herself and then raised her own 5 children in Pakistan. It is a great read for the purpose of having someone else’s parenting experiences to relate to!

Slurping Soup And Other Confusions By The Berne Convention

This is a collaboration of true stories and activities to help children transition to a new culture.

When Children Grieve By John James & Russell Freidman

This book provides great practical advice for helping children process grief.

Books for Kids

Adelina Aviator By Jessica Vana

This children’s book deals with the difficulties of saying goodbye in order to follow the Lord’s calling to share the gospel in a new place. This is a very helpful conversation starter to help your children to open up about their feelings of leaving behind their friends, family members, pets, house, etc.

Gila Monsters Meet You At The Airport By Sharmat & Barton

This is a great children’s book that deals with the fears that arise when we don’t know what to expect. Often children dream up false (and scary!) ideas of what moving will look like and this opens up the conversation to talk through those fears and discuss what the reality will be. 

Moving Day By Ralf Fletcher

This is another great children’s book that deals with the emotional aspect of moving. It is written from the perspective of a 12-year-old boy who is moving to Ohio. While it does not deal specifically with moving cross culturally, it is a great book about the complex mixture of feelings that kids face during a move.

Friends By Rob Lewis

This book is great for younger children (ages 3-5). The story highlights the challenges of making friends in a new place and encourages children to try activities that they are not used to.

Books for Teens

Peanut Butter Friends In A Chop Suey World By Deb Brammer

In this book, the main character moves overseas with her family for missions work. She is excited about the move, but soon discovers the challenges of life in a new culture. This book is ideal for young teens during and after transition.

Footsteps Around The World By Beverly Roman

This workbook is great for teens to work through as they process the move overseas. I recommend that a parent or mentor be available to talk through the challenging topics with them.

Into Africa: Adventures Of A Missionary Kid (Series) By Beth Lambert

Great biographical series about a teenage girl’s experience on the mission field in Africa.

Hidden In My Heart: A TCK's Journey Though Cultural Transition By Taylor Murray

Beautifully written autobiography about a teen's experience of living in another culture and transitioning between her host culture and passport culture.

Between Two Worlds: A Novel By LeAnne Hardy

A novel about two Christian, teenage TCK’s who struggle with identity and belonging upon returning to America.

Websites for Kids


Child-Friendly Language-Learning Activities

Around The World With Kate And Mack

Downloadable worksheets, games, and activities about missions

Kid Explorers

Child-friendly activities about missions


A family missions resource

Websites for Parents 


A wide variety of resources on the topic of overseas living


A fantastic website full of resources and frequent blog posts related to TCKs and overseas living


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International Therapist Directory 

A great resource for locating counseling services that specifically serve the TCK/globally mobile community


The Black Expat

Soul Food for Global Nomads

Expat Parenting Abroad

Additional Resources

Inside Out-Pixar Movie

This is a great movie to watch and talk about with your children as it gives a perfect example of the complex mixture of happy and sad that kids deal with during a move. The movie also alludes to the importance of open communication within the family during a move. Fun fact - the story was written by a TCK!

Language Learning For Children (Curriculum) By Alyssa Johnson And Christine Lewis

If you are learning a new language as a family, this may be an excellent resource for you! This is a curriculum designed to help children learn a language once they are living in a new culture.