Children's Course—Inside the Toolbox:

The Gizmos, Gadgets, and Whatchamacallits of Learning a Culture and  Language

A kid-friendly program designed to prepare children ages 4-12 for life in a new culture. This biblically-based training gives children the tools they need to be proactive, even at a young age, in their learning of language and culture!

Why train children?

Moving to a new culture can be an incredibly enriching experience, but it doesn't come without it's challenges. Along with the excitement of moving overseas comes a significant amount of grief for children who move across the globe. Thankfully, we know that while we cannot take away that grief, we can ease the transition by preparing them as fully as possible. The Children's Language Acquisition and Cultural Transition training is designed to prepare children for the challenges they will face while living in a new culture, but more importantly get them excited for this new life! We do not believe that children should take the backseat while the parents begin their work or ministry. We believe that even at a young age, children can be proactive about language and culture learning and that this is a critical component of a successful transition. Inside the Toolbox will give them the practical tools they need to do this!

About the Children's Training

Our children's program is designed to parallel CultureBound's adult Language Acquisition and Culture Learning trainings. The children will have the opportunity to learn what their parents are learning in a kid-friendly way! The program combines elements of language acquisition, culture learning, and cultural transition preparation, all using a bible-based curriculum. The children will learn the “tools” of learning a language and culture through fun activities, field trips, devotionals, crafts, and testimonies from other missionary kids! We believe effectively preparing children for life in a new culture is a critical component of raising up healthy TCKs.

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Here are a few comments from satisfied parents:

"The program helped our kids to understand and look forward to many of the positive aspects of living in Costa Rica.  I believe they came to more fully embrace God's plans for our family as a result of the program.  It also prepared them for coping with not speaking the language a bit better." - Serving in Costa Rica 

"Seriously, I don't know what we expected, but the boys came home happy everyday. Their comments about what they learned helped us think about things too! We've already recommended the training to other friends!!!! Thank you." - Serving in China

"Thank you for all your work and effort. We are very thankful they were able to learn from someone who has experience with what they are going to face soon" - Serving in Thailand

 "We were extremely happy with everything! Thank you!!!" - Serving in Israel

For more information contact Lauren Wells, TCK Program Director - (971) 276-0977,