Student Peer Debrief Guide

This guide is for university-age students mentoring or leading younger university-age TCKs in debriefing their TCK experience.

It includes guidance on how to mentor well, a directive list of topics to discuss, and intentional questions for 7 different categories of important areas to cover.

Once purchased it can be shared among all the mentors within your entity.

Digital Download


$ 100

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Curricula A and Curricula B?

These curricula are designed to be used consecutively. Using the educational practice of scaffolding, Curricula A starts the education which is built upon in Curricula B. We'll release a new set of Elementary and Teen curricula annually, so your TCKs can continue learning with fresh content, 

Can I use the curricula with both elementary and teens? 

We designed the curriculum so that families who have both elementary and teens can do most of the curricula together as a family, easily passing out age-appropriate handouts and activities.

The Elementary and Teen curricula have many of the same lessons, but the presentation and the worksheets are tailored to those age groups. The Elementary worksheets are simplified. The Teen worksheets are more text-heavy, providing education on the "why." 

Can I share this? 

This purchase is for single household use only.

If you would like to purchase a license to distribute the curricula within your organization, you can do so by emailing [email protected].