A robust internship program designed to invest in you

Our internship program gives coaching from TCK Care experts, hands-on experience in small business elements of a TCK Care company, and strategic development of both hard and soft skills, while targeting your specific interests and goals. 
Coaching w. Supervisor
Soft Skills
Experience w.
Hard Skills
What we offer

Training in Every Aspect

As TCK Training has grown, we've always been intentional about fostering an emotionally safe company culture where collaboration, productivity, and innovation may flourish. 
We're eager to train interns in this company culture and empower them to bring it with them wherever their journey takes them.
  • Team Dynamics
  • Business Skills
  • Emotional Quotient
  • TCK Care Principles
  • Communication
  • Soft Skills
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"Soft skills are the hardest to learn because they require intentionality, coaching, feedback, and strategy. An internship is the most opportune time for that
investment of focus."
Elizabeth Vahey Smith - COO & Intern Coordinator
A Time to Grow

Bespoke Coaching

Our 1-on-1 sessions with your internship supervisor invite you to bring your personal goals forward - both professional and personal development. These goals will inform some of the hands-on opportunities presented and strongly influence the explanations and training behind the "why."

Your intern supervisor is:
  • Experienced in Coaching
  • A TCK Care Expert and on the Leadership Team
  • Committed to seeing you Reach your Goals

Remote work with Flexible hours

Our team spans the globe. Our interns commit to 5-10 hours a week, but those hours have a lot of flexibility regarding when they get done.

Bonus training materials

Interns receive access to all TCK Training recorded and live workshops and trainings. Making this an opportune time to immerse yourself in TCK Care Education. 
Internship Goals

Builds your resume, grows your skills

It's our goal that you walk away from your internship with the sense that you really invested those hours in something that -- not only added to your resume in job experience, proficiencies, soft skills, and references -- but helped you grow in practical and palpable ways that exceeds the paper of your resume.

Frequently asked questions

Is any experience required for the internship?

No experience required. It is our pleasure to give you experience and provide any training needed for your role.

What will I be doing in my internship? What specifically is the hands-on experience?

Each internship semester, we choose niche roles for our interns (i.e. admin, social media, research, operations, presentation). The assigned work usually fits into one of those niche roles except when intern goals give them other tasks. 

Will I get a chance to work with TCKs?

Our internship focuses on the backend, small business side of TCK Training and does not include experience working directly with TCKs and/or TCK families.

Does is matter where I am in the world?

Our team spans the globe so it doesn't matter where in the world you are! There is a weekly meeting to check in with your supervisor, a monthly 1-on-1 with your supervisor, a group coaching call, and a intern social, but all of these can be scheduled with all the interns schedules in mind.

Is this a paid internship?

This internship is non-monetarily compensated. That non-monetary compensation comes in the form of professional experience, professional development coaching both in 1-on-1 settings and group coaching, and access to our training library.