Grief Processing Resources

TCK Training does not provide therapy or counseling. though we do understand that many ATCKs, TCKs, and TCK families may need those services. 
It's for that reason that we keep a list of TCK-informed resources to continue supporting you through your grief processing.

Click through the resources we've cultivated for you here     

Additional Resources

We understand the need and challenges behind finding TCK-informed counselors. To help support you in getting connected with counselors who can meet your needs, we have a Google Sheet that is crowd-sourced by counselors. Please know that these resources are NOT vetted by TCK Training and we do not guarantee the quality or competency of those listed.  Nonetheless, we hope this resource will be valuable for you!

If you are a counselor for Third Culture Kids and would like to be added to the spreadsheet of counselors, please access the form below! We ask that counselors fill out the form for themselves and that you do not fill out the form on behalf of others. Thank you!