A La Carte Worksheets

Many worksheets in our curricula are great standalone resources. We want families and caregivers to access these without having to purchase a full curriculum. So, we've created an A La Carte worksheets page. Here you'll find some of our favorite worksheets!

Each worksheet is $5 for individual family access and $20 for unlimited distribution within your organization, company, church, or school. 
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Worksheets Overview

Ready to use

A convenient list of supplies, lesson objective and outline are provided. Feel free to tweak the steps and supplies according to your family context, but be sure you won't feel lost.


Engage you children and teen in the materials through age-appropriate games and crafts.

Discussion Questions

Asking great questions is key to having the information impact your TCKs. We've helped by adding discussion questions for you. But the conversation doesn't need to stop here. Add questions targeted to your family, and keep going deeper!