Raising Thriving Kids Abroad
Research-Based Preventive TCK Care

This course covers basic, practical ways that parents can apply our research to their parenting of TCKs. This workshop was developed to be a very concentrated version of our longer trainings so that parents can get what we have found to be the most important concepts in a short period of time. We would encourage continued education beyond this workshop.

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Lauren Wells


1 hour

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Meet the instructor

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Lauren Wells

Chief Executive Officer

Lauren is the Founder and CEO of TCK Training and author of Raising Up a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids, What Made That Feel So Hard: The Unstacking Method, and more. An Adult Third Culture Kid (ATCK) who spent her teenage years living in Tanzania, East Africa, Lauren has worked with over 1,000 parents and TCK caregivers and has trained staff from over 80 organizations. 

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