We're Publishing A Book!


If you follow this blog, you may have noticed that there haven’t been many new posts here lately. There is a good reason for that and I am excited to share it with you!

I have been putting all of my writing efforts into a book!

"Raising Up a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids" will be a practical guide to maximizing the benefits and minimizing the challenges of the TCK life. I hope that it becomes a resource for anyone who loves and supports TCKs!

The manuscript is nearly complete, the editor is slated to begin in January, and a cover designer who has created covers for international bestsellers is expecting the edited manuscript in March! The book will be published in SUMMER 2020!

I will keep posting content on here, but it will continue to be less frequent than it has been in the past. I hope you will understand and support me as I venture into this new endeavor!

What is the book about?

This goal of this book is to offer practical tools, skills, and strategies for anyone who loves and supports TCKs. Parents, organizations, teachers, grandparents, international schools can all be a part of providing preventative care to TCKs and thus, enabling them to truly thrive in their life overseas and ultimately in their adulthood.

Anytime I read a book or article that presents a theory, I think, “that’s great, but what do I do with it?” This book is the answer to that question.

The theory is: being proactive about the way we care for TCKs can help them to live a healthy life both as children and adults.

This book is the - here’s how you can actually do that practically.

Please Consider Supporting this Project By...

  • Keeping up with the progress Here

  • Sharing with anyone you know who loves and supports TCKs!

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