Free Adult TCK Worksheets

Download our free worksheets here, including: 

  • Changes Checklist: Learn about how you make life changes
  • Subconscious Expectations: Learn about what you are expecting of your future

If you're also interested in Free Family Worksheets, you may find those here.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I share these worksheets?

Yes! Please send the link to this page to anyone interested so that they can download them for themselves!

Can I translate this?

Email to talk about translation processes to make sure nothing is lost in translation!

Where can I learn more?

Click here to learn more about TCK Training's Workshops, Unstacking Sessions, Groups, and even more resources for Adult TCKs!

I'd like help processing my experiences as a TCK, where can I get that? 

Our Unstacking Sessions are perfect for you! 
These sessions one-on-one sessions between the TCK and one of our Adult TCK Coaches. These will help the TCK map out their Grief Tower, begin unstacking their Grief Tower by processing a few of their grief blocks, and develop a plan moving forward in an emotionally healthy way. 

Learn more here or fill out an interest form here!