What fills me &
What drains me?

This worksheet is for the TCK to build self awareness about what fills them up and what drains them so they can learn to self-regulate. It is also important for the parent to understand this so they can better support their TCK. Perhaps what drains and fills the parent is different than what drains and fills their teen!

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This worksheet is also part of Family Curricula C, a resource designed to promote emotional wellness in your TCKs and connection in your family with a TCK-informed approach.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between this worksheet and the Family Curricula?

This is a single worksheet included in Family Curricula C.

Can I use this worksheet with both Elementary and Teen TCKs? 

Yes, both the elementary and teen worksheets are included in this product. 

The elementary worksheets use simplified language in their directions and discussion questions. The teen worksheets are more text-heavy, providing more education on the "why." 

Can I share this? 

This purchase provides you individual access for your family.

However, for $20 your organization, school, or company can distribution this worksheet to all the families in their care. Find the button to purchase above. 

If you wish to recommend the product to other families, please direct them to the product pages or to contact info@tcktraining.com.