TCK Themed Family Curricula

We believe that healthy families and life abroad aren’t in contradiction.
Our curricula is designed to promote emotional wellness in your TCKs and connection in your family with a TCK-informed approach.

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Volume A: Learning About My TCK Self

Volume B: TCK Building Blocks

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Volume C: Parent-Child Connectedness
Curriculum C is specifically designed to help your children feel more seen and understood, become more self-aware, and learn how to communicate more effectively.

Curriculum C builds on the tools, activities and conversations your family developed through Curriculum A and B, Curriculum C can be used as a stand alone curriculum.

TCK Biblical Conversations - Volume 1: Emotions, Identity & Grief

While our other family curricula above are not faith specific, we know that many TCKs struggle with their faith and we believe that it is critical for TCKs to see God as a safe space. These intentional conversations are created with that aim in mind. 

This resource features:

11 Biblical Lessons with guided discussions & prayers
Over 70 Biblical references
9 worksheets and activities
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