Printing License

Raising Up a Generation of Healthy TCKs

*This Printing License can be used OUTSIDE THE USA ONLY. 

We know that as a global community it can be difficult to get books shipped all around the world. Therefore, we have created an option for printing to happen in your location! 

If you would like to print your own copies of Raising Up a Generation of Healthy TCKs outside the USA, you can purchase a license for the number of books you would like to print. You'll receive the PDF manuscript to take to your local print shop.  

If you would like an ebook, please purchase the Kindle edition via Amazon.

You choose the number of books you expect to print at a price of $9 per book, pay for the license for that amount and come back to purchase more licenses when you need to print more.

In order to access the pdf: 
First make your payment according to the number of copies you plan to print. Then sign the contract inside the product portal. Then you will be given access to the locked pdf document in which you can download and take to a printer in your country. 
Please read the terms and conditions below before your purchase.

Once you have paid for this product, you can click on the options below to access the resource for printing.

You must fill out the contract in order to download the book pdfs.

Terms and Conditions

Please read and understand the terms and conditions before you make your purchase using the link above. 
Fees: The licensing fee is an upfront cost per book printed. No royalties or subsequent payments are required.

License: The client is licensed to print a limited run of Unstacking Your Grief Tower, by Lauren Wells, in accordance to the quantity they purchased.
Any additional copies will require an additional license purchase.

Copyright: Unstacking Your Grief Tower is proprietary and copy-written material of Lauren Wells; and the client agrees to use reasonable care to protect the copy-written book, to safeguard the manuscript to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure thereof.

Printing: The license permits the client to print copies of the book at the vendor of their choice. TCK Training is not responsible for corresponding with the printer, the cost of printing, nor the quality of the printed books. The client is not permitted to distribute the print files to anyone other than the printer.

Refund: After agreeing to these terms and conditions, the publishing files will be unlocked. No refunds will be issued after that time.