Research Roundtable

Our latest survey on childhood global mobility has already received over 800 complete responses from Adult TCKs who between them come from over 60 different passport countries. In order to provide helpful data for the most communities possible, we still want this survey even bigger and more diverse!

Therefore, we're hosting a this Research Roundtable to create an opportunity to: 
  • Clarify the purpose of this survey
  • Discuss our methodology and how we prioritize care and quality
  • Share our excitement about the data already collected!
  • Explain why diverse representation is important and what demographics we're still seeking responses from
  • Outline our timeline for releasing the first round of data 
  • Answer your questions
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If you're unable to attend live, the recording of the event will be uploaded here to the course portal for anyone to watch afterwards. 

June 18th, 


8am & 8pm
Eastern Time (NY) 

Help us spread the word about this event!

Invite friends, colleagues, anyone you know who would be interested in learning more about our research. We'd love to see people there representing: 
  • International Schools, including boarding schools
  • Military branches and family organizations
  • Foreign Service members/groups including diplomats
  • Companies that send families on international assignments
  • Intergovernmental agencies, such as the UN
  • Humanitarian organizations and NGOs operating abroad
  • Missionary organizations
  • Varied passport countries, especially the Global South!
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