Team Training

This 50 minute training gives your short-term team practical tools to care for TCKs well.

The video will cover:
  • The definition of a Third Culture Kid
  • Unique challenges of the TCK life 
  • How to build a healthy short-term relationship 
  • How to address grief 
  • Saying 'goodbye' well 

Annual subscription comes with a custom link so you can send the training to your short term team members!

This purchase is for a single viewing. 
If you're interested in using this training more than once or for multiple audiences use the blue subscription buttons to the right.



Lauren Wells


50 minutes

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Available for annual subscription on a tier system based on how many people you expect to share the training with annually. 
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Lauren Wells

Chief Executive Officer

Lauren is the Founder and CEO of TCK Training and author of Raising Up a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids, The Grief Tower, and Unstacking Your Grief Tower. An Adult Third Culture Kid (ATCK) who spent her teenage years living in Tanzania, East Africa, Lauren has worked with over 1,000 parents and TCK caregivers and has trained staff from over 80 organizations. 

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