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Lauren Wells

Chief Executive Officer
Lauren is the Founder and CEO of TCK Training and author of Raising Up a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids, The Grief Tower, and Unstacking Your Grief Tower. Lauren spearheaded the methodology of Preventive TCK Care and it was with that foundation that TCK Training was established. An Adult Third Culture Kid (ATCK) who spent her teenage years living in Tanzania, East Africa, Lauren uses her personal experience as a TCK and education in Child Development to support TCKs and those who serve them. She has worked with over 1,000 parents and TCK caregivers and has trained staff from over 80 organizations. Lauren lives in Georgia with her husband and two children.

See more about the books Lauren has written below! 

She's also co-authored our research white-papers: 

Books Written by Lauren

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Raising Up a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids

The parent's guide to understanding what their globally mobile kids need.

The Grief

A how-to manual on help your family lay out their Grief Tower timeline.

Unstacking Your Grief Tower

An Adult CTK's guide to outlining their own Grief Tower timeline and unstacking their grief blocks.

What Made That Feel So Hard?

The most comprehensive resource that has been created on the Grief Tower Model, both as personal guide and a professional resource. 



Workshops by Lauren

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