Equip all your parents with excellent TCK Care Resources

Parent Packages

At TCK Training, we know that the key for excellent TCK care is in parent partnership which starts with a robust education in the unique needs of Third Culture Kids. 


So many

Strategically Use Your 

Parent Package

By equipping all the families in your organization with this extensive library of resources, you can strategically use the package to support your goals. 
  • Pre-Departure Training
  • Recommend Resources
  • Discussion Groups
  • Create Learning Cohorts
  • Continuing Education
  • Shared Language
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Select Your Tier

Up to 50 Families  |   $1800 / annually

51 to 100 Families | $2500 / annually

101 to 300 Families | $3500 / annually

301 to 500 Families | $4500 / annually

500+ Families | $5500 / annually

Benefits of this plan

Our Parent Membership equips parents with valuable education and practical ideas of how to parent their TCKs well through all the stages of their lives. This constant steam of support keeps these principles at the forefront of their mind, encouraging and empowering them through transitions, grief, and other challenges.
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Upcoming Workshops

Every month has new quality workshops from expert presenters that help empower parents to support their TCKs wherever they are in their journey.

Expansive Library

They won't have to worry about missing any of our workshops because we collect them all in our recording library! They can enjoy all the workshops at their convenience! 

Exclusive Content

Every month there will be a short recorded video with thought provoking material perfect for talking more about in our group coaching session!


Receive additional discounts on private coaching sessions and family debriefs. 

Coaching Support

Monthly group coaching sessions will allow parents the opportunity to engage with the monthly topic and ask their questions to our TCK experts.

Parent Network

Engage in the community using the discussion features for each of the courses and features of the membership!

Parent Membership

The Parent Membership includes all these workshops and the exclusive content and group coaching.
This can be purchased as individual packages. 
To provide these rich resources for the families of your organization, purchase a parent package. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I combine this with other types of memberships?

Because each one of our memberships is uniquely priced, we don't offer multi-packs for our packages. 

Can I as a Caregiver be one of the "Families"? 

Yes! You can get access to a Parent Membership through the Package. However, Parent Memberships don't have as many resources as the Caregiver Membership, so we always recommend the Caregiver Membership to caregivers. You can purchase just one or purchase a Staff Package to equip your whole team. 

Are the workshops recorded? 

Yes! All of our workshops are recorded so they can be viewed at your convenience!

How do we share access with our families? 

After your purchase, you'll be taken to a short form requesting your unique package link. You can share this link with all of your families. It will take them to a checkout page with a discount code already applied so they can get access to our Parent Membership for free!