Pre-Departure Preparations

We believe that healthy families and life abroad aren’t in contradiction.
Prefield Preparations by Elizabeth Smith
What you learn
  • How to help your children to build an emotional vocabulary and process the emotions of transition
  • How to talk with your children about identity and this new part of them that is a TCK
  • How to help your children process grief and say "goodbye"
  • How to have conversations around expectations of the new place
  • How to have healthy family conversations
  • What "normal" transition stress looks like and how to know when your children need outside help
  • How to support each child uniquely based on their responses during various activities 
What your tcks learn
  • Self-awareness about their emotions and how to express emotions, specifically about the upcoming move, in a healthy way
  • What a TCK is
  • How to process grief and say good goodbyes
  • What their conscious and subconscious expectations are of the new place
  • How to have healthy family conversations
  • The strengths they have that will serve them through this transition
What's Included
  • Age-appropriate pre-field training packet
  • Instructions for each worksheet (elementary)
  • Family discussion guides
  • Time with a highly qualified TCK Training caregiver
  • 15% discount on a 1yr Parent Membership or Family Care Package

Are all of your children under 5 years old?

Book a private Parenting Toddlers Through Transition training!

  • 3 hours 
  • $450
  • Topics include: developmental expectations, maintaining connection, saying goodbye, routine, arrival considerations
  • Customized to your children's needs and your family's relocation plans