Unstacking Sessions

We believe that by helping Adult TCKs through the hard work of unstacking their Grief Tower,
they can maximize the benefits of their globally mobile upbringing. 

Unstacking Sessions

Learn how your Grief Tower is influencing your life today and how you can unstack it to move forward a healthier you.

Designed to help adult TCKs map out their grief timeline, unstack their grief blocks, and develop a plan for moving forward in an emotionally healthy way.

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Adult TCKs

  • 4 Session Bundle: $400
  • Self-Paying Student (up to age 24): $250
Parents scheduling and paying for their university student will be billed at the standard rate of $400. This allows university students who are paying for themselves to receive services for a lower rate of $250. 

Teen TCKs 

Ages 13+
6 Session Bundle: $450
(5 Sessions with teen; 1 Session with Parents)
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Our Unstacking Your Grief Tower Sessions are for adult TCKs looking for someone to come alongside them as they’re doing the work of processing through their Grief Tower.

The Unstacking Sessions start in a bundle of 4 sessions. Our Unstacking facilitator will help ATCKs determine the best next steps for them, whether it be additional Unstacking Sessions or other outside support.

In order to schedule a session or for any additional information, please fill out the interest form below.

These sessions are not counseling or therapy. These sessions are focused on teaching and guiding, not providing any psychotherapeutic services, including diagnosis. Our sessions would not be suitable for clients currently experiencing suicidal ideation, severe depression, self-harm, substance abuse, eating disorders or other dangerous coping skills. We recommend that TCKs struggling with these issues seek therapy. You can find some resources and databases of counselors who are TCK-informed here: Counselors & Therapists.

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If you have already completed Unstacking Sessions or an Unstacking Coaching Group and would like more guidance processing your Grief Tower, we recommend our Follow-Up Care Sessions. This is year-long support consisting of either 4 or 12 sessions with one of our TCK Coaches. These sessions will be an hour long each. In order to schedule a session or for any additional information, please fill out the interest form below.

We have payment plans available!