In 2024, we're shifting to
pre-recording our workshops!

Starting January 2024, instead of offering live workshops, we'll provide pre-recorded workshops with a live Q&A. We hope you'll be delighted by this shift for the reasons outlined below.

Maintaining Interaction

Before we explain all the reasons we went with a pre-recorded format, we'd like to explain why we're doing live Q&As: we wanted time for live interaction with all of you and we wanted that time to feel more accessible for everyone. 

Accessibility Worldwide

While finding a single time to please every timezone is an impossible task, we feel like attending a 30min Q&A at a very late hour is going to feel more accessible than attending a 3 hour workshop that extends to the wee hours of the morning. 
The pre-recorded workshops will allow everyone the opportunity to watch at whatever time works best for them and only need to schedule in 30 minutes to their calendars! 

Providing Privacy

We have such rich conversations in our workshops and some of them feel very vulnerable. We don't want to make a recording of these stories available for anyone to purchase. By pre-recording workshops, we don't risk having those vulnerable stories caught in the recording. 
We still welcome your stories in the Q&A. 
Q&As will not be recorded for this reason. 

Quality Recordings

Many of our attendees prefer to view the recordings rather than attend live. Recordings of live events can feel awkward to view after the fact, because they weren't presented to those not attending. Instead, you'll have access to high quality recordings that are designed for your viewing. 
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