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Adult TCK Packages

Maximize your investment by purchasing ATCK Memberships in bulk. 


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ATCK Package

Adult TCKs are the legacy the TCK community leaves.

By gifting your group of ATCKs with a membership, you're giving them tools and resources to process, gain confidence, feel seen, and move towards thriving as an Adult TCK. 

How can you use these memberships? 
  • A graduation gift
  • Virtual discussion groups
  • Recommending targeted workshops
  • Investing in their future
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Our ATCK Membership equips ATCKs with valuable education and practical ideas of how to navigate adulthood well. This constant stream of support keeps these principles at the forefront of your mind, encouraging and empowering you through transitions, grief, and other challenges.
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Starting January 2024

Our monthly ATCK Coffee Chats provide a relaxed space to meet and connect with other ATCK members over a cup of virtual coffee!
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We'll meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 8am & 8pm Eastern Time (NY). Join whichever time works best for you!

Exclusive Member Lounge

Members have access to an exclusive virtual ATCK lounge! 
You can use this space to meet and connect with other Adult TCKs. We will use this space for events, but all members are welcome to hang out in the lounge whenever they'd like
(it's open 24/7)!


Get education on different facets of the ATCK experience, such as anxiety, romantic relationships, identity, university, and more (see a full list of included workshops below).

Expansive Library

You don't have to worry about missing any of our workshops because we collect them all in our recording library! Enjoy all the workshops at your convenience! 


Receive additional discounts! 
  • $25 off Group Discussion Guides (host a watch party with your friends!)
  • $50 off Unstacking Sessions
  • $50% off any additional workshops (Parent and Caregiver workshops that are not included in this membership)

Select Your Tier

Up to 100 ATCKs |   $700 / annually

Savings of $8,300
annually for
100 ATCKs!

101 to 300 ATCKs | $1800 / annually

Savings of $25,200
annually for
300 ATCKs!

301 to 500 ATCKs | $2500 / annually

Savings of $42,500
annually for
500 ATCKs!


The ATCK Membership includes all these workshops.
This can be purchased as individual packages. 
To provide these rich resources for your whole ATCK community, purchase a package. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I combine this with other types of memberships?

Because each one of our memberships is uniquely priced, we don't offer multi-packs for our packages. 

Are the workshops recorded? 

Yes! All of our workshops are recorded so they can be viewed at your convenience!

How do we share access with our ATCKs? 

After your purchase, you'll be taken to a short form requesting your unique package link. You can share this link with your ATCKs. It will take them to a checkout page with a discount code already applied so they can get access to our ATCK Membership for free!

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