Debrief Certification Training

Asynchronous Learning
This course is the perfect way to earn a TCK Debriefing Certification at your own pace. Those who complete this course will be certified through TCK Training in TCK Debriefing and will receive access to all debriefing materials. 

The training includes short videos with practical activities and 3 written assessments in the self-directed format before the Live Assessment, offered quarterly.

In order to achieve the TCK Training Debrief Certificate and maintain access to our debriefing content, you must complete the Live Assessment - offered with various time zones in mind. The Live Assessment must be completed within 12 months of beginning the course, as defined by completing the first assessment. 

What the Training Entails:
  • Debriefing ages 4-12
  • Debriefing ages 13-18
  • Whole family debrief sessions
  • The Grief Tower Methodology
  • Virtual Debriefing
  • All debriefing digital materials including the Teen Debriefing Workbook
  • Certificate in TCK Debriefing and "Certified” logo for your use

Inquire at to receive a discount for organizational teams of 2+.

What does it mean to be certified?

A certificate in TCK Training TCK Debriefing means that the participant…
  • Has completed the training 
  • Through assessments and case studies have demonstrated that they understand the TCK Training debriefing methodology
  • Has received access to TCK Training debriefing materials to use for debriefing TCKs within or outside of their organization
  • The TCK Training Debrief material is only to be used by people who have received the Debrief Certification training through TCK Training. No one has been authorized to train others to use our materials. 

What does it NOT mean to be certified?

A certificate in TCK Training TCK Debriefing does NOT mean… 
  • That TCK Training has fully vetted, screened, background checked, etc. the participant. This remains the responsibility of the organization, family, or company the participant is debriefing with or for. 
  • That they work for TCK Training. TCK Training certified DOES NOT mean that the participant works in any form with or under TCK Training. 
  • That TCK Training guarantees their abilities, qualities, or conduct as a debriefer. 
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