Debrief Certification Training

TCK Training's two-day debrief strategically targets the key challenge areas of TCKs to promote holistic health and foster valuable conversation within families to empower grief processing and whole family health.



15 hours

Live Instruction 


TCK Training has really mastered the online training aspect of learning.
The Course
What does it mean to be Certified?
What does it NOT mean?
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Open to the Public: JAN  /  JULY  /  AUG
For Pathways: APR /  DEC
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Become Debrief Certified

Gain access to our TCK Training Debrief materials to use with the TCK families you care for. The 15 hour training will explain the education that supports our activities and how to facilitate a debrief in a number of different contexts.

  • 15 hours of live instruction
  • 4 Assessments to evaluate comprehension
  • Access to the TCK Training Debrief Materials,
  • for both Teen and Elementary
  • Extra resources
  • Access to Alumni Community
  • Certificate and logo

     Our Debrief Certification Training is 15 hours spread over 5 days, facilitated over Zoom so you can join from anywhere in the world. The training can be taken live or asynchronously, making the training accessible to all time zones.

There are 4 assessments to assure competency in the debrief materials before certifying. Three of the assessments are to be completed outside of class time and should take approximately 30 minutes.  

A certificate in TCK Training TCK Debriefing means that the participant…

  • Has been through 15 hours of training
  • Through assessments and case studies have demonstrated that they understand the TCK Training debriefing methodology
  • Has received access to TCK Training debriefing materials to use for debriefing TCKs within or outside of their organization

The TCK Training Debrief material is only to be used by people who have received the Debrief Certification training through TCK Training. No one has been authorized to train others to use our materials.

A certificate in TCK Training TCK Debriefing does NOT mean…

  • That TCK Training has fully vetted, screened, background checked, etc. the participant. This remains the responsibility of the organization, family, or company the participant is debriefing with or for.
  • That they work for TCK Training. TCK Training certified DOES NOT mean that the participant works in any form with or under TCK Training.
  • That TCK Training guarantees their abilities, qualities, or conduct as a debriefer. 
TCK Training desires for those caring for TCKs to be well-equipped and provides opportunities to pass on those tools. However, TCK Training only guarantees the quality of the family debrief if the debrief is booked through TCK Training and is facilitated by TCK Training staff.  

Open to the Public

This year we're offering open trainings in January, July, and August. Those with a Caregiver's Membership, including Staff Package Holders, receive registration for 50% off. When an organization registers a team of 2+, they can receive a discount of 10% off.

Private Trainings

If you're looking to train a team of 10+ people, you can book a private training at a 40% discount per person. You can email our training coordinator to select times and dates for your training. We offer flexible options to cater to a variety of time zones (times and dates are subject to availability).  You have the option of paying for the training in whole, or having a product page so each attendee can pay for their own training. 
This is ideal for teams in sensitive contexts or spread across the globe.

In-Person Trainings

The In-Person Training option is ideal when you have a group of people in one geographical space. There's a flat rate of $4000 with no minimum number of attendees.
Scheduling restrictions apply. Travel expenses are not included.

236 students and counting

This training is well worth your time and money if
you are involved with TCKs and passionate about helping and working with them. In fact, you need a training like this to truly be effective in working with them.
I will be recommending that this training is mandatory for our debriefers. I think this training is excellent and necessary for anyone who will be working with our kids in this way.
It was well worth the time and money. Anyone working with TCKs needs to take this course. It is one of the best most practical courses I have ever taken.
This training really gives a lot of practical tools for adult caregivers to be both aware and proactive in helping TCKs understand themselves and their stories. I loved it and know that it will help me be a better caregiver to my own TCKs and all the little TCK friends in our circles.
I wish that I would have had this training much earlier in my life. I can see how it would have made a great impact on my family. I would like to see those in leadership in missions to have this training in order to help families or just to understand more what our MKs are experiencing.
It seems the need for TCK debriefers is only going to grow. Get this training and help fill a needed gap in TCK Care!



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