Defining Emotions

At TCK Training, we constantly talk about how important it is to have an emotional foundation before any Grief Processing work can be done. The English Language has over 3000 emotion words and in this training we’ll scratch the surface on important emotion words and what they mean.

This 3-hour workshop is excellent for building the emotional vocabulary and especially excellent for those who speak English as a second-language, to learn the nuances between different words.



3 hours


Jacquie Kubr

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Meet the instructor

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Jacquie Kubr

TCK Caregiver
Jacquie has a background in Clinical Mental Health counseling with a specialization in Trauma Studies. She has partnered with families in their overall health and wellness for over fifteen years. A mother to five, Jacquie’s youngest two are international adoptees and are growing up as CCKs. She and her family live north of Nashville, TN.