Defining Emotions Training

At TCK Training, we constantly talk about how important it is to have an emotional foundation before any Grief Processing work can be done. The English Language has over 3000 emotion words and in this training we’ll scratch the surface on important emotion words and what they mean.
This 3-hour training is excellent for building the emotional vocabulary and especially excellent for those who speak English as a second-language, to learn the nuances between different words.

Virtual Training

Starting date

April 19, 2023


3 hours


9am-12pm EST


Elizabeth Vahey Smith 



Why should I take this course?


Care Providers

Adult TCKs

For Parents with TCKs from high school through settling into their post-college lives, this course is going to provide an idea of the needs your TCKs might have or might currently be going through. This course will be aimed at Adult TCKs, so it will model to you how to communicate this information to your young adult children. 
Aimed at Adult TCKs, this course will cover several key challenges that adult TCKs face as they step out of university, while modeling how to communicate the important education directly to Adult TCKs. 
This course is designed for you and will directly address the challenges that many TCKs have faced as they've transitioned out of university for the purpose of equipping you with practical tools to streamline your transition out of university. 

Meet the instructor

Elizabeth Vahey Smith

Chief Operating Officer
Author of The Practice of Processing, Elizabeth is a skilled communicator and trauma-informed educator who helps transform abstract concepts into practical steps, equipping, encouraging, and empowering people to reach their goals. Elizabeth is a mom of two worldschooling TCKs.