Sexual Abuse Awareness Training

Prerequisite: Research-Based TCK Care 101 & 201

Our research has shown a high number of sexual abuse cases among TCK populations. We believe that awareness is critical in curbing this number.
In this 3-hour training, we will discuss:
  • What is Sexual Abuse and where do we see it happening in cross-cultural contexts
  • How to make your kids an inconvenient target, what grooming looks like, and how to empower your kids to tell.
  • Follow-Up Care Options to support TCKs who’ve experienced sexual abuse.

Virtual Training

Starting date

June 9, 2023


3 hours


9am-12pm EST


Elizabeth Vahey Smith 



Meet the instructor

Elizabeth Vahey Smith

Chief Operating Officer
Author of The Practice of Processing, Elizabeth is a skilled communicator and trauma-informed leader who helps transform abstract concepts into practical steps, equipping, encouraging, and empowering people to reach their goals. Elizabeth is a mom of two worldschooling TCKs.