Strength-Focused TCK Care

Walk through a series of exercises that can be used to aid in your care for TCK’s by identifying and naming the unique strengths they have. The goal of this workshop is to gain skills on how to cultivate the unique strengths of individual TCKs through curiosity and empowerment.



Jacquie Kubr


3 hours

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Why should I take this course?


Care Providers

Adult TCKs

This workshop is aimed for you. Through this workshop, you'll be able to recognize the Key strength opportunities for your TCKs and practical skills for helping them maximize those strengths to promote lifelong thriving. 
Equipping you with the Key Strengths of TCKs and how to practically cultivate them, this workshop will model how to provide parents with this foundational education to set their children up for lifelong success. 
While this workshop is not aimed at adult TCKs, many adult TCKs have valued this content as it names many of the strengths they see emerging in adulthood and helps them notice how their parents did support them and other ways that they needed additional support. This can be a validating, normalizing, and encouraging workshop for Adult TCKs. 

Meet the instructor

Jacquie Kubr

TCK Caregiver
Jacquie has a background in Clinical Mental Health counseling with a specialization in Trauma Studies. She has partnered with families in their overall health and wellness for over fifteen years. A mother to five, Jacquie’s youngest two are international adoptees and are growing up as CCKs. She and her family live north of Nashville, TN.