TCK Parenting Styles

Parenting behaviors are multifaceted and can be described through different parenting style paradigms. In this workshop, Elizabeth will explain the paradigms so we can recognize our current style and move forward toward our ideal style.
  • Parenting Style Paradigms
  • What TCKs Need to Thrive
  • How to Influence your Parenting Behaviours



2 hours


Elizabeth Vahey Smith

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Why should I take this course?


Care Provider

Adult TCKs

This course will give you practical ideas of how to use art to help your TCKs explore their emotions and lived experiences, while equipping you with the fundamentals of creating art processing projects. 
This workshop will provide you with the most basic tools so that you can craft custom projects to empower each TCK you're working with to use art as a method for processing their grief and other life experiences. 
While this workshop isn't directed at Adult TCKs specifically, the same principles of determining what to artistically represent can empower you to come up with ideas for your own personal art processing. 

Meet the instructor

Elizabeth Vahey Smith

Chief Operating Officer
Author of The Practice of Processing, Elizabeth is a skilled communicator and trauma-informed educator who helps transform abstract concepts into practical steps, equipping, encouraging, and empowering people to reach their goals. Elizabeth is a mom of two worldschooling TCKs.