The Brain of a TCK

In this workshop guest instructor, Julia Beaty (MSW, LISW-CP), will give:
  • An overview of the TCK’s brain growth & development
  • The “whys” of the TCK’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors
  • The relational blueprint of the TCK and steps to support them


Guest Instructor 

Julia Beaty


1.5 hours

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Why should I take this course?


Care Providers

Adult TCKs

Parents should take this workshop so that they understand how their child's brain is impacted by the globally mobile life.
Caregivers and sending entities  should take this workshop in order to gain a better understanding in what is going on in the TCK's brain and how that is impacted by the globally mobile life.
Adult TCKs should take this workshop to understand how their globally mobile upbringing impacted them from the perspective of child development and brain science.

Meet the instructor

Julia Beaty

Guest Instructor
Masters of Social Work
Licensed Independent Social Worker-Clinical Practice
Trauma-Informed Clinical Social Worker 
TBRI Practitioner