Understanding Depression as an Adult TCK

Dive into a comprehensive workshop that sheds light on the unique experiences of Adult TCKs and their relationship with depression. In this immersive workshop, Adult TCKs will explore the intersections of cultural transitions, identity development, and mental health.

Gain a deeper understanding of depression within the ATCK context and learn strategies for self-care, building support networks, and seeking professional help when needed.

Discover strategies to foster empathy, resilience, and a deeper understanding of the mental health challenges that Adult TCKs may face on their journey of personal growth and well-being.


Recording Duration

1.5 hours


Jessi Bullis & Maria Tricarico

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Meet the instructors

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Jessi Bullis

Director of Adult TCK Services

Jessi is an Adult TCK who grew up in Singapore, England, Turkey, and Germany. She has a heart and passion for TCKs and the unique struggles they face. She received her undergraduate in psychology and a seminary degree in counseling for the purpose of caring for TCKs well.

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Maria Tricarico

Presenter & Unstacker at TCK Training

Maria is an adult TCK, raised between the US and Uganda. While living between these two worlds, she developed a deep passion for preventative mental health care that is both trauma-informed and culturally humble, a passion that she actively brings into her current career as an art therapist. Maria has a MS in Counseling and a post-graduate certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy. She is passionate about helping people of all cultural backgrounds access and embody their innate strength, resilience, and capacity for growth. 

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