Understanding Emotional Neglect and Abuse as a Parent

In our research, we found that a significantly high number of TCKs have reported experiencing emotional abuse and/or neglect. We believe that this occurrence stems from a lack of parent’s awareness about what these things are and how to be an emotionally safe space for their children.In this 3-hour workshop, we’re going to explore what Emotional Abuse and Emotional Neglect is, what those behaviors look like, how they can accidentally slip into our parenting, and most importantly how to prevent that from happening. We’ll talk about generational cycles and empower you to be cycle-breakers!

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Starting date

May 2,


Lauren Wells


9-12pm EST


3 Hours



Why should I take this course?


Care Providers

Adult TCKs

Often Emotional Neglect and Abuse is a part of a generational cycle. Parents are accidentally doing these things to their children because it was normalized in their childhood. This workshop is going to help us name the things that are actually harmful, so we can notice them. The workshop will also provide practical ideas you can do instead! 
As you care for families, it's important to notice when, where, and how emotional abuse or neglect might be happening. This workshop will model how to present parents with this delicate education.
While this course is not aimed at Adult TCKs, it will name emotional abuse and neglect. With such high rates of these in TCK populations, the education in this workshop may help you further answer the question, "What made that feel so hard?" 

Meet the instructor

Lauren Wells

Chief Executive Officer
Lauren is the Founder and CEO of TCK Training and author of Raising Up a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids, The Grief Tower, and Unstacking Your Grief Tower. An Adult Third Culture Kid (ATCK) who spent her teenage years living in Tanzania, East Africa, Lauren has worked with over 1,000 parents and TCK caregivers and has trained staff from over 80 organizations.