Family Debriefing

TCK Training believes that high-quality debriefs are one of the most effective elements of preventive TCK care.

Debriefing Options

We come to you

We have debriefers all around the world and can come to your location to debrief your family.

You come to us

Our Pensacola, FL debrief location is where we host our Platinum Debriefs which include food, lodging, debriefing for the children, and debriefing for the parents. 

We meet virtually

We have found that virtual debriefs can be very effective. With young children, we guide the parents through doing the debrief with their children and we give insight and advice based on how their children completed each activity. Teen virtual debriefs include one-on-one sessions with each teen.


          Jesse Eggman

Evan and Jewel Evans

Christine Van Tiem

Phala Echols

Katy Eisfeld

Michael Pollock