Thanks for your Interest

We appreciate your interest in applying for our internship program. This page will explain some of the finer details of our internship application process and program, addressing many of the frequently asked questions during interviews. 
Please read this information carefully before applying. 

Applications Close: Oct 30th

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Interview Process

Mapping out your journey
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  • Polish up your resume and address your cover letter to "Elizabeth." (She's kind of a cover letter snob, so don't miss the tips for success below.)
  • Fill out the application and attach your resume and cover letter. 
  • Depending on how early you get this done, you might be in for a bit of a wait. Check the countdown timer above!
  • After applications close, we'll send out Application Part 2. (See more below)
  • Your complete application will be reviewed by Elizabeth Vahey Smith, the intern coordinator, and the supervisors for the respective intern positions. 
  • You'll be invited to a second interview or we'll notify you that we're moving forward with other applicants. Either way, we won't ghost you. 
  • After narrowing down the applicants, we'll do reference checks! We're looking for people who actually know you and can vouch for what you're like to interact with. 
  • After you're accepted for the position, we'll do a background check as the final step. (Don't worry; it's on the house.) But we don't like to be surprised by the background checks so - if you have a record, maybe mention that in the interview. We have a great sense of humor though so if your misdemeanor involves unwittingly trespassing in a cemetery until you meet an officer with no sense of humor, we definitely want to hear that story. 
  • Application

    Our application starts with some basic information and demographic questions before asking how you align with our company culture. 
    It also requires:
    • Cover Letter
    • Resume
  • Application Part 2

    The second part of our application process will be sent out after after the deadline for applications. In this application, we'll provide a description for the niche intern positions available. At this point, you might choose to withdraw your application if you feel that none of the options align with your goals. If you wish to continue, you can explain which positions you'd be interested in. You'll also be asked to submit a brief video recording explaining how this internship will help you to achieve your goals. 

The Logic of Time

It's a little wibbly wobbly, 
but let's start with what we know.
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10 hours a week

and it goes like this...


  • 30 min Intern Meeting
This time of this recurring meeting will be determined based on the availability of all the interns. 
  • Supervisor Check-in
This meeting may be recurring or ad hoc according to the preferences of your supervisor and your project needs. 


  • 1-on-1 Coaching
This coaching will be a recurring meeting with your supervisor.
  • Soft Skills Coaching
  • Intern Social
This recurring meeting is often slotted in the same time and day but in different weeks of the month
The remainder of your hours can be used within your availability with generous amounts of flexibility. 

Defining Success


  • Use complete sentences.
  • Don't give me the "right" answers; give me your answers. 
  • Cover letters should look like a letter, with an addressee and a salutation. 
  • Your cover letter should explain why this internship is mutually beneficial. 

In Your Work

  • Complete the projects given to you/the milestones assigned to you
  • You communicate your needs to get the support required to achieve your goals

For coaching

  • You're an active participant in the coaching, looking for how you can maximize the opportunity you've been granted. 

Meet Our Speakers

You’ll have the chance to interact with industry professionals and ask any burning questions you have to your instructor in real time! Learn from Anna Doe, Chris Cooper, John Nash and other incredible professionals.

Anna Doe

Chris Cooper