Services for International Schools

We believe that together we can raise up a healthier generation of TCKs

Equip Your Faculty, Staff, Students, and Community

Onboarding and Continuing Education Made Easy

TCK Training has created Virtual Training Courses for International School Staff with content specific to the unique context and challenges of international schools. 

Each course consists of four units, with a total of 12 training hours. Each unit comprises a combination of short videos, reflective activities, infographics and other handouts, plus unit quiz and supplementary resources for further learning and applying content in various contexts. 

These courses are perfect for anyone engaged in the international school world, including:
  • Educators
  • Teaching/learning assistants
  • School Counselors
  • Librarians
  • Support Staff
  • School Administration

Subscribing a team to our Virtual Training Courses for International School Staff is a great way to ensure that all your staff are familiar with the same key information, and that incoming staff are onboarded effectively to get up to speed. We cover a range of topics that are crucial for educators and other staff in the international school world to be familiar with. Our training is backed with research specific to the international school world.

Course 1: Foundations of International School Student Care
Unit 1: The Cross-Cultural Experiences of your International School Student Body
Unit 2: Preventive TCK Care in the International School Context
Unit 3: Supportive Relationships in International Schools
Unit 4: Creating Community in International Schools

Purchase a single registration for your own professional development, or get a volume discount by purchasing 10 or more subscriptions for your team. 
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Train Your Whole Community

TCK Training provides workshops suitable for every member of your international school community. 

  • Educators/faculty
  • Teaching/learning assistants
  • Counselors
  • Administration and other staff
  • Students from K-12: both TCKs and Educational CCKs
  • Parents

We offer both virtual trainings, and in-person school visits. Virtual trainings can include video series - with guides for running your own in-house training, or intended for asynchronous use by your staff for individual PD - as well as "live" virtual workshops. 

Build your counseling staff's knowledge and skills in working with the international student population with training courses, such as Debriefing Certification, Counseling TCKs Training (with NCCP accredited hours), and Pathways Certification. 

Provide access to PD and family support with a staff membership to our training library,. This includes access to all live workshops for a year, plus our whole library of trainings, and family curriculum for use at home. 

Contact [email protected] to schedule your training, or book a free consultation call with Tanya Crossman, our Director of Research and International Schools.
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We recommend our Foundations Package for a first school visit:

Foundations Package
$1,200/1 day ~ $2,200/2 days
Discounted non-profit school rates available
Choose 3/day of the following workshops:
  • Understanding the Third Culture
  • Affirming Cross Cultural Kids
  • Welcoming Incoming Students Well
  • Navigating a Cross-Cultural Classroom
  • Intro to Transition Stress in the Classroom

School Visit Packages

Bring a TCK Training expert trainer to your school for an in-person training event. Choose from (and combine!) trainings for educators, parents, and students, tailoring the visit to best meet your community's unique needs. In addition to our Foundations Package, we offer three different packages and two additional add-ons to help you craft the perfect blend of training to equip and empower your community.

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Student Wellbeing

Choose two/day of the following workshops:

  • Processing Grief, Loss, & Crises
  • Creating an Emotionally Safe Space
  • Research-Based Preventive Care for TCKs
  • Elementary/Primary Transition
  • High School/Secondary Transition
  • Understanding Intercultural Teams
  • Child Safety in TCK Spaces

Holistic Care

Choose three/day of the following workshops

  • Our Emotional Connection to Language
  • Coping With Change
  • Relocation Preparation
  • Launching Your Graduating TCK
  • Parenting Adult TCKs

Student Workshops

Choose 3 General workshops + 2 Art Processing workshops per day

General (50 mins)

  • Hello and Goodbye (Transition)
  • Where are you from? (Identity)
  • The Grief Tower (Processing Change/Loss)

Art Processing (90 mins)

  • Processing Grief/Transition
  • Cultural Identity Integration

Daily rates: 1 day: $1,400 2 days: $2,500 3 days: $3,700 4 days: $4,900

Intercultural Teams Add-On: $1,500/5 hrs
Student Transition Add-On: $2,000/10 hrs Discounted non-profit school rates available

Prices are based on no more than six working hours per day; transport/accomodation costs are additional. We offer discounts to non-profit institutions, and are happy to collaborate with schools in a city/region to share travel costs. Custom workshops are also available for an additional fee. Contact us for a quote, or more information.

Other Services

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Preventive TCK Care video series Facilitate your own TCK care workshop with your organization using these series of five 10-15 minute videos and corresponding discussion guides and activities. All discussion guides pair with chapters of the book “Raising Up a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids” by Lauren Wells.

Debriefing Services
Need a debriefing resource for your families? We offer full family debriefs, virtual debriefing, crisis debriefing, and annual check-in debriefs. We can also train your staff in family debriefing techniques. We run public virtual debriefing trainings several times a year, and you can also book a private training for your staff, either virtual or in person.
Train Your Staff We also run trainings to upskill caregivers in the TCK field, with knowledge and strategies specific to the needs of intercultural and globally mobile populations. We run open enrolment courses multiple times a year, and you can also book private trainings for your staff. Most of these trainings are delivered virtually (live or asynchronous via zoom) but can also be delivered in person. Debrief Certification - July 2023
Debrief Certification - August 2023
Pathways Certification - Fall 2023
We also run an annual NCCP accredited training for counselors full of information about counseling the TCK/globally mobile population. Contact us for more information about this and other upcoming trainings, or to book a private training.

Full Library of Training Workshops

TCK Training has a wide variety of recorded trainings available for purchase in our courses section. These include workshops specific to educators, child protection, transition care, and more.

We offer membership packages to groups of staff and parents, which are a great way to outsource parent education and/or provide staff with easy continuing education opportunities where they can pursue they personally find most useful and interesting - knowing that all the content is research-based and specific to the context of global mobility and intercultural living.

You may also wants to purchase workshops to watch as a group, as part of your staff training or professional development. Our workshop distribution licenses allow you to watch a purchased recording as a group, so you can provide training for a specific team or even the whole faculty.

Here are some workshops you may find helpful:

One license is required for each workshop to be watched as a group, purchased in addition to the cost of the workshop itself.

Email [email protected] for licensing options to show workshops to groups of more than 100 people.
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