Services for International Schools

The resources you need to equip your whole intercultural school community - educators, students, and parents.
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We know not all schools are created equal. If you are a smaller school on a limited budget, ask us about discounts that might apply to you!

Training for Educators

There is no shortage of educator training options, but there are very few options for educator training specific to the international school context. As experts in preventive care for TCKs and cross-cultural kids, TCK Training provides unique training rooted in a deep understanding of the context you live and work in.

Self-paced courses

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Train your whole team, then onboard new staff with the same content - building core concepts and common vocabulary across your team despite ongoing mobility.


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TCK Training offers a wide range of standard workshops perfect for training international school educators. These are available as recordings, live virtual training via zoom, or as in-person visits. 

Recordings can be purchased individually, or talk to us about licenses to show them to a large group or to buy outright for unlimited use.

Recommendations for getting started:


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TCK Training offers ready-to-use K-12 SEL curricula for international schools to develop the skills TCKs and CCKs need to thrive long term. Our beautiful curricula include educator notes, lesson plans, slides, and hands-on activities.

Talk to us about creating custom curricula for your specific needs!

Coming in August 2024:

4 lesson Transition curriculum (Elementary/Middle Years/Secondary)
4 lesson Emotional Regulation curriculum (Elementary/Middle Years/Secondary)

Coming in March 2025:

4 lesson Identity Integration curriculum (Elementary/Middle Years/Secondary)
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Resources for Parents

Our unique International Parenting curriculum has everything you need to run a discussion group for parents in your community. Foster a supportive parent community as you learn together about cross-cultural family life, the impact of international education on children, navigating transitions, and thriving through it all. 

Curriculum purchase includes:
  • Facilitator guide
  • Discussion leaders' guide
  • 16 content videos
  • Discussion questions for each video
  • 4 guided activities


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TCK Training are experts in preventive care for Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and we are passionate about supporting parents as they raise their families abroad. We also know that students who have their emotional needs met at home do better in the classroom.

We have a large library of workshops suitable for your parent community. Recordings can be purchased individually, or talk to us about licenses to show them to a large group or to buy outright for unlimited use.
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Another way to serve your parent community is through parent memberships. Our Parent Packages discount memberships costs with group registrations.

Up to 50 registrations = $1,800 USD annually
Up to 100 registrations = $2,500 USD annually

Did You Know? 

Our research shows that international school students face higher rates of emotional abuse, emotional neglect, and sexual abuse than indiviuduals in single-country studies. The rate of depression/mental illness among adults in their households is more than double that seen elsewhere. 75% of international school TCKs were impacted by at least one potentially traumatic event.

Paywall-free research for the whole international community

Our research into the international childhood experiences are freely available, including our series of white papers based on an original survey of 1,904 Third Culture Kids. 

Check out these blog posts with research-based content specific to the international school context:

Purchase the TCK Training Library

Available on Amazon and Kindle or email us at for a discount on bulk orders of 10+ books.

Resources for your community

Most parents want to find ways to support their children throughout various transitions and unique difficulties, however their sending agencies do not always provide care or resources tailored for TCKs. Being aware of resources of benefit to families in your community is an important way to provide support your students. 
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Family Debriefs are an excellent way for expatriate families to check in and process the experiences of international life - including mobility, transition, and potentially traumatic events. 

$450+ | Virtual Debrief 
$1600 | In-Person Single Family Debrief (plus travel costs)
$3500 | Platinum Debrief *On-Site in Florida, USA

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  • Unlimited Distribution of Elementary & Teen Curricula A
  • Unlimited Use of Preventive Care Video Series to train your staff and parents
  • Access to our foundational workshop, Raising Healthy TCKs

    $2500 for up to 100 families

    For more information please contact TCK Training at
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Organizational Packages

"We believe international life and emotionally healthy families are not in contradiction."