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Jessi Bullis

Director of Adult TCK Services
Jessi is an Adult TCK who grew up in Singapore, England, Turkey, and Germany. She has a heart and passion for TCKs and the unique struggles they face. She received her undergraduate in psychology and a seminary degree in counseling for the purpose of caring for TCKs well.

Jessi's greatest passion is to walk through the repatriation journey with Adult TCKs, as this season can be especially difficult to navigate. Each summer she volunteers at International Interaction transition seminar, Transit Lounge. It was also out of this passion for repatriating ATCKs that Jessi developed the Launch Pad program at TCK Training, which is  a virtual 10-month repatriation cohort.

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MK2MK's Blog

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In her article "I'm Fine..." Jessi, a former Missionary Kid, shares her realization that constantly saying she was "fine" was a lie she told herself and others to be liked and keep her parents from worrying. She had been trying to be the rock for others, but missed that only God can provide hope, strength, and peace. Jessi advises readers to be honest when they're not "fine" and tell someone because it's okay to not be okay all the time. By being vulnerable, we allow others to support and love us, letting God work through them.

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