Caring for your family abroad

At TCK Training, we want your children to receive every benefit the TCK life can afford them. That looks like parents thriving in their work at the very same time that kids are thriving in their homes. Let us support you in achieving that while you’re living abroad!
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On-field Care Options

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Private Coaching

Every family (and family member!) is unique and thus how practical, preventive care is provided needs to be tailored to personality, context, experience, age, and so many other factors! Coaching allows you to receive advice and practical ideas specific to your unique TCKs.
When you sign up for coaching, you will receive a questionnaire so that we can get to know your family better. We’ll then set up your hour-long coaching session.
Sessions are $50 per hour. If you need coaching and cannot afford that rate, please do not hesitate to reach out.
Available in person and online.
Contact for more information. 
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Workshops and Recordings

Workshops are offered regularly and are a great way to learn, in community, about practical, preventive TCK care. These are just a few of the upcoming workshops! Remember, a membership will give you access to all parent workshops and archives for a low monthly price! 
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