Information About The 2021 TCK Training Survey Of Developmental Trauma In Third Culture Kids (TCKs)

In 2021 TCK Training ran a groundbreaking survey on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and developmental trauma among Third Culture Kids (TCKs). Our primary objective was to get data on ACEs in TCKs; our secondary objective was to gain insights into other forms of childhood trauma experienced and witnessed by TCKs.

Following our first presentation of some initial insights at the FIGT2022 Families In Global Transition conference in March 2022, there was incredible interest in our work. Next we provided a public presentation of our initial findings, which we offered as a 90 minute live webinar event in April 2022. Over 500 people registered for this event! It is now available as a free video on our virtual training and community platform: "Developmental Trauma in TCKs."

Our first white paper, “Caution and Hope: The Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Globally Mobile Third Culture Kids,” was published in June 2022. Six months later we released a second white paper with more detailed analysis — “TCKs at Risk: Risk Factors and Risk Mitigation for Globally Mobile Families.” In October 2023 we released a third and final white paper, "Sources of Trauma in International Childhoods: Providing Individualized Support to Higher Risk Families."

On this page you will find an FAQ with answers to questions we are often asked about our research. For more detailed information, you can also read our Methodology Report
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Frequently Asked Questions:

The rest of this section addresses questions many people have asked regarding this research. The following eight questions are answered below, and we have also created a Methodology Report which you can download for more detailed information.