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Explore our extensive Library of TCK Training Materials designed to equip, encourage, and empower you to care for TCKs with even more intentionality. 

How Can We Help Children Thrive Through a Globally-Mobile Upbringing?

We have some ideas based on our cutting edge research and we’d love to share them with you.

The mission of TCK Training is to cultivate 
thriving Third Culture Kids worldwide by 
equipping, encouraging, and empowering 
TCKs, adult TCKs, & those who support them, 
through research-based awareness.

A TCK (Third Culture Kid) is someone who lived outside their parent's passport country during their developmental years because of their parent's work or ministry. 
i.e. Military Kids, Missionary Kids, Foreign Service Kids, NGO Kids, etc.
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Why choose TCK Training?

TCK Training is an industry leader in intersectional preventive care training and education for those who care for TCKs, parents and care giving specialists alike. Building off of the research in developmental traumas, TCK Training provides hope-based instruction to raise thriving TCKs. 
  • Leading Research in TCK Populations
  • A Hope-Filled Approach
  • Practical tools for Intentional Care

Raising Kids Abroad or Planning To?

We're there to support you the whole way through.
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Before You Go

Pre-Departure Training

While You're There

On-Field Care

When Your Kids Have Grown

Adult TCK Services

Over 500 families served!

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Do you serve globally mobile families?

We're here to serve you! Grow your knowledge and skills to serve them with research-based excellence.

Our Workshops and Trainings

We have a vast array of training options and content to meet the needs TCKs, adult TCKs, and those who support them. The majority of our content is aimed at three primary audiences. 


Our trainings help parents identify the ways they can intentionally care for their TCKs in a way that promotes lifelong thriving for the children in their home.

Care Specialists

For those with a role of caring for TCKs, we provide holistic education to serve a wide array of TCKs and their individual needs. 

Adult TCKs

For Adult TCKs looking to see how their TCK childhood is impacting them, our trainings provide a framework and education to help ATCKs find their way. 

Our courses


Customer Reviews

See what our customers have to say about our training programs!
"Thanks for all you’re doing, it is impacting lots of families in Indonesia as your material is reaching several families across several islands! This stuff matters and I appreciate all your hard work to develop good, accessible curriculum."
"They helped us gain insights to our kids that we hadn't seen before."
"I am truly seeing the reality of a Grief Tower toppling and it is really hard. Thank you for your support and the work you are doing to reach those who have so much unresolved grief and are longing to find freedom..."

Meet our Leadership Team

Our leadership team is comprised of highly qualified professionals with years of experience caring for TCKs and teaching others to care well for TCKs with excellence in a multitude of settings. 
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Lauren Wells

Chief Executive Officer
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Elizabeth Vahey Smith

Chief Operating Officer

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Tanya Crossman

Director of Research & International Education
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Jessi Bullis

Director of ATCK Services