Get Connected to an ATCK Community!

We believe that the challenges of your childhood as a TCK can be honored, addressed,
healed and utilized to move toward thriving as an Adult TCK.

Our monthly ATCK Coffee Chats provide a relaxed space to meet and connect with other ATCK members over a cup of virtual coffee!

We'll meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 8am & 8pm Eastern Time (NY). Members and pass holders can join whichever time works best for you!

Get access to ATCK Coffee Chats with:
an ATCK Membership or ATCK Community Pass.
Learn more below about each one!
ATCK Membership
Our ATCK Community Pass gives you 1 year access to:
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  • Virtual ATCK Lounge
  • Monthly ATCK Coffee Chats
The ATCK Community Pass can work in conjunction with a Parent or Caregiver membership for those who are ATCKs!

If you already have an ATCK Membership or an ATCK Community Pass, find the
 dates, times, and links for the ATCK Coffee chats through the buttons below. 

This is a space for ATCKs to learn about all that is available to them! We share ATCK specific resources (both from TCK Training and other companies!), give you updates about ATCK projects, and periodically share some nuggets of wisdom from TCK Caregivers.

Free Printable Worksheets

Offered as a free download, we have worksheets that help build up self-awareness and consider how the TCK experience has impacted you. Also, it helps illuminate the changes we’ve faced as an ATCK, the scale of those changes, and our subconscious expectations, too.
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We've published research on ATCKs!

There is very little research looking at rates of developmental trauma among TCKs. Our research completed in 2021 surveyed over 1,900 Adult TCKs! Through this research we’ve found that TCKs have high ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) scores and developmental trauma, and we hope this data encourages an evidence based model of care. 
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